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The original Church at Dalgety (St Bridget's) was built in the early 12th century, first recorded in a Papal document dated 1178.   The history of the Church in 'The Bay' therefore extends back over 800 colourful years.   A link with the past is maintained through the open-air service held in St Bridget's Kirk every June, and the old war memorial which once graced the entrance to the Old Kirk (1830) and now sits in front of the modern building. (Photo - 28k)

The present modern church stands in the centre of the new town.  Built in 1981 and extended in 1989, this is constructed of brick, and is a 'hall-church'.  That means that the main part of the building consists of a worship area and a large hall separated by a sliding sound - proof screen.   The worship area seats 100, but with the screen withdrawn to create a larger worship area there is seating for up to 350.  

Church interior

The hall can be used independently and includes a stage for concerts or other activities, with an audience of 250.   There are two other halls which can be subdivided if required, and a further three rooms for meetings.   The suite is completed by the usual kitchen and comfort facilities.   (Photo - 27k)

The church is not only located in the centre of the town, it is in the centre of community activity.   The local community council meets in the church hall as there is no other suitable accommodation.   Other community activities are also held in the hall, as it is the only 'Stage' in the town.

Photo of window: Sun, boat, 
brilliant-blue sea and fish

The two local primary schools hold their special services in the church, and Donibristle school has particularly strong links.   After a major fire at the school, the church and congregation (with others) made a major contribution towards re-stocking the school materials.   In recognition of this, the school raised funds and secured sponsorship to present a stained glass window to the church.   This is the work of artist Fiona Brown and represents 'Fishers of men'.   It, too, was the product of community participation and adds to the atmosphere of the worship area.

The Minister is School Chaplain to the two primary schools in the town; Dalgety Bay and Donibristle, on alternate Tuesdays at 9.30am for an hour. There are occasional assemblies for the primary schools, and on a regular monthly basis for the High School in Inverkeithing. The Minister is also chaplain to the local Air Training Corps and attends one Monday per month.

Statistically, there are some 680 Members representing around 470 Households. Membership is relatively static although the town and parish continues to grow. There are around four Weddings; 25 baptisms and 40 Funerals each year.

The Ministry team comprises the Minister, Rev Donald McCorkindale and Alastair Campbell, Pastoral Assistant;   the Session Clerk is Colin McKenzie.

To contact, write to Dalgety Parish Church, Regents Way, Dalgety Bay, Fife. Telephone 01383- 824092.   Or e-mail to Dalgety Church.

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